Our Build Story

Sustainable barn

Sustainable Aspirations

Our aim is to convert the barn in a sustainable way. This is what we did ...

by Stephen on 2010.12.12

Llan Adan barn

Planning Process

The planning process took a number of attempts, but finally the agreed plan was the best incarnation of the various options.

by Stephen on 2011.01.25

Llan Adan barn

Build Diary 1 : The Build

Building work started in April 2010 and all the external work was complete by the end of October 2010.

by Stephen on 2011.01.06

Llan Adan barn

Build Diary 2 : Internals

From the bare shell to the finished home. It took longer and cost more than we expected ... but it has all been worth it.

by Stephen on 2011.12.28

Llan Adan barn

Multiscreen Slideshow

Images of development at Llan Adan inspired by David Hockney’s multi-screen slideshow at his “The Big Picture” exhibition at The Royal Academy (Feb/Mar 2012)

by Stephen on 2012.03.05