The Socler House

Cardiff, Wales

The SOLCER house is based on the 'Buildings as Power Stations' concept developed by the SPECIFIC Innovation and Knowledge Centre, but incorporates additional features developed by the LCRI's Low Carbon Buildings Research Programme.

Solcer House

It has high levels of thermal insulation and low air leakage and uses low-carbon cement, structural insulated panels (SIPS), external insulated render, transpired solar collectors and low-emissivity double glazed aluminium clad timber frame windows and doors.

Solcer House Solcer House

The south facing roof includes glazed, solar photovoltaic panels which also allow the roof space below to be naturally lit. Solar generation and battery storage are used to power heating, ventilation, hot water and electrical power systems which includes appliances, LED lighting and heat pump. A solar air system preheats ventilation air which is topped up from a thermal water store.

Solcer House

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