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Our Otter Weekend

Spring Watch Special

Otter Otter Otter Otter Otter Otter

The gang of nine

otter In February 2011 we had an enchanting weekend at The Stackpole Centre in Pembrokeshire.

Not only did the sun shine all weekend, we also saw otters on four different occasions

The otter spotters were (left to right) Fitz & Cally, Jane, Jenna, Erin, Guy and Anthony (plus dogs - Louie and William). Lizzie and I were somewhere behind the camera.


Otter watching

On the Friday evening we took a stroll down to the lakes at dusk. As it gets darker it becomes more and more difficult to see. Just as we were about to head home (and then to the pub) I saw 2 otters disappearing into the reeds at the head of the lake. Being the only person to see them doesn't count so we arranged an early morning start to try again.

This time we were rewarded with 2 otters swimming right below us at the 8 arch bridge. There is something magical about standing quietly at the bridge as the first rays of the sun start to light up the sky, and hearing the birds start their early morning chatter.

Otter At least the whole group had the opportunity to see otters this time, so mission accomplished and back to the cottages for breakfast.


The coastal path walk

This stretch of coast has just about everything. Majestic cliffs, beautiful beaches, the lakes and wildlife - where the birds will take food from your hand. The word “enchanted” doesn't do it justice.

Otter Otter Otter otter Otter Otter

And once you get round to Stackpole Quay there is a super little cafe selling lunches, snacks, drinks and ice-creams.

Talking of food ...

The local hostelry

Stackpole InnIn the evening we adjourned to The Stackpole Inn and were given a dining room to ourselves. And the food was fantastic - the rib of Welsh beef (for 2) was so good that I had it again on the Saturday, while the others enjoyed the Sea Bass (serves 2/3)

We went again on the Saturday night and it was every bit as good the second time.

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