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VW Camper Heaven

by Stephen on 2008.11.16

VanFest 2008

VW Crew cab One week, back in September, Lizzie and I saw hundreds of VW camper vans heading in our direction ...

This year's VanFest was taking place at The Malvern 3 Counties showground - and as it was just up the road, we decided to wander along and take a look ...

I am not sure that I could ever convince Lizzie that we should have VW Campervan sitting in the drive, and I am not sure if I would have the time or inclination to fix it every time it went wrong.

VW Camper At VanFest there were some great examples of the classic van. My favourite was the Crew Cab parked next to us in the public car park (see left).

There were lots of other pristine (or should I say concourse?) examples to be seen on every corner. And there were many more in need of some TLC, and enough spares to build one from scratch. But following the rain (all Summer!) it sure was muddy..

Will it ever happen

VW Microbus Back in 2001/2002 VW built a new VW Camper concept vehicle called the Microbus. It was a great looking vehicle, but they seemed to include so many extras it was going to cost a bomb - and the project got canned.

Photograph of the VW Microbus project from 2001/2

VW Microbus Having seen the enthusiasm for the original version - and its descendants - at VanFest I am sure that if a new VW Microbus (or what ever it was called) was ever to hit the streets it would be an enormous success. I better start saving now - just in case ...

And I better start a serious charm offensive on Lizzie!

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