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Development Tools on Mac

Having moved from a Microsoft Visual Studio .Net world where everything is pretty well integrated for you (actually it is not very pretty) - finding a set of tools on the Apple took a bit of time...

But this is what I use ...

Website Design and Development


Texmate LogoTextMate and CSS Edit were not being supported so I moved to Brackets. Very good. (Note: TextMate now being supported again).


Texmate Logo“the missing editor” - and the editor of choice on Mac for HTML, Ruby, Groovy, PHP and many other languages.

CSS Edit

CSS Edit LogoCSS Edit is a great tool for managing stylesheets. It is fun to use and provides immediate feedback as you make any changes.


Transmit LogoTransmit is the best FTP utility I have used. Its simple, fast and reliable.

Program Development


Netbeans LogoNetbeans has been around a long time, and I used it ages ago for some Java development. It also supports PHP, Ruby, Groovy and various databases.


MacGDBp LogoGreat for debugging and works interactively with Textmate. (The documentation helped me get Xdebug working).


Xcode LogoA really sophisticated IDE for OS-X and iPad development. If only MacRuby could be used for web applications ...

Sequel Pro

Sequel Pro LogoNeat program for MySQL development.

MySQL Workbench

MySql Workbench LogoIs a useful tool for manipulating MySQL databases. Netbeans offers a very good alternative.

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