PIP Framework


PIP is a tiny PHP application framework designed to be as simple as possible to set up and use. It provides basic functionality and is designed to let you use the features of PHP and SQL without having to learn the extra syntax of ORMs, template engines and the framework itself.

If you need more than the simplest framework, go take a look at Laravel.

PIP pre-release version


The core folder (model, view, controller and database classes) is 35.5kb and cosnists of 658 lines of code and 441 lines of comments (total 1099 lines).

The helpers folder (auth, date, session, url and validation classes) is 25kb and consists of 396 lines of code and 316 lines of comments (total 712 lines).

This version

This pre-release version still has a number of unfinished areas, not least, the documentation, and a few questions.


  • Error capture not working properly in Database class
  • Improve class loading - (Autoloader)
  • Function to re-display exisiting page with errors (rather than re-load)


The documentation requires additional proof reading.

Support Application

The sample support application uses the PIP frame work and consists of 3 database tables - Members, Topics and Comments.