Version History

The current version is v0.5.3 released on 2014.01.01

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Road Map

The aim is to keep PIP as small and simple as possible. If there are any fundemental features that users think should be added, then they will be considered, and added to the road map.

Pagination - The ability to return pages of data, with first, previous, next, last buttons is being investigated. (SL 2015.08.31)

Change log

v0.5.3 - Several changes:

  • Added some checking to the Url_helper segment function.
  • Fixed bug where query would add an empty element to the end of the result array.
  • Added some helper functions to model.php.

v0.5.2 - Several changes:

  • Removed the need to define RewriteBase in .htaccess.
  • Neater URL rewriting in pip.php.
  • New folders within the "static" folders for CSS, JS and images.
  • Moved style.css from Views folder to static folder and updated header.php.

v0.5.1 - Several changes:

  • Added BASE_URL define.
  • Added "static" folder for static resource files.
  • Blocked index browsing using .htaccess and removed blank index.html files.

v0.5 - Initial version.