Some fun stuff


Otter Weekend

In February nine of us picked a sunny weekend and headed down to Pembrokeshire to watch the otters ...
by Stephen on 2011.03.31

Hay Festival

Local goings on

Within a few miles there is a multitude of activities to enjoy - from walking in some of Britain's most picturesque scenery to music and food festivals.
by Stephen on 2010.12.09

Piano stairs

Fun Theory

These musical stairs to encourage people to use the stairs rather than the escalator set me thinking.
by Stephen on 2011.01.11

NZ Tree

Postcards from NZ

A selection of postcards from our trip to Australia and New Zealand
by Stephen on 2008.12.056

VW Campervan

VW Camper Heaven

One week, back in September, Lizzie and I saw hundreds of VW camper vans heading in our direction ...
by Stephen on 2008.11.16