Technical Blogs

Some of these blogs are from a very long time ago, but interesting to see how things have moved on ...

Google Charts

Just having another play with Google Charts.
by Stephen on 2012.12.05

Standards for PHP

Starting to use PHP and the sample code I have seen is a mess. So some simple coding standards to tidy things up ...
by Stephen on 2011.07.20

Creating e-books ...

This was my first attempt to create some digital books for Kindle and iPads
by Stephen on 2011.01.18

Apple Mac: Hints and shortcuts ...

Having just moved from Windows, I found some of these short-cuts useful.
by Stephen on 2011.01.10

Development Tools on Mac ...

Moving from Microsoft Visual Studio means looking for some equivalent tools on the Apple
by Stephen on 2011.05.10

Dear Bill

On moving from Windows to Apple OS-X
by Stephen on 2008.8.20