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New from Google

Google have been very busy recently with lots of new offerings. I have only looked at a few of their products and this is just the tip of the iceberg

Google Chrome

Google Chrome Chrome is the new web browser from Google with fast page loads and a minimalist user interface. Less often used features are available via a few simple icons, most of which are easily discoverable as you need them. Chrome uses the same rendering engine (WebKit) as Apple's Safari, but bundles its own super-fast JavaScript engine, called V8.

I emailed all my clients to point them towards Chrome, and I know that quite a few of them are now using Chrome as their default (Windows) browser. For me it is difficult to move away from Safari on the Apple.

Google Charts

I was looking for a simple way to convey some statistics from a Groovy / Grails / MySQL application and took a quick look at Google charts.

The Team GB Olympic medal haul would look something like this using Google Charts:


There are lots of different chart types, and very easy to drive from a JSP or GSP page.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics Google Analytics requires that you drop a section of Javascript code at the bottom of each webpage.

But from then on it is capturing lots of useful information about web traffic, and also allows you to profile your sites against a workflow, and compare how different approaches affect your sales conversions.

Google Mail

I set up my Google mail account many months ago, but don't tend to use it for day-to-day email. However, on a recent collaboration it was very handy to be able to share and co-edit a document. I should take some time to look into more of the Google mail features ...