Change of Framework


I have been using Laravel and it is great. But as each new version is released there is more overhead, and it is now doing much more than I need. Version 1 was just what I was looking for, but Laravel is now at Version 5.x. It is now an all singing - all dancing framework. I want something simpler ...

Seach for minimalist PHP framework

My search for a minimalist PHP Framework found PIP - a tiny PHP aapication framework created by Gilbert Pellegrom and extened by Craig Russell.

PIP Framework

The good news is that the PIP Framework does what is say on the box - straight out of the box (un-like many fraemworks that I took a look at).

The bad news was it didn't do a number of things that I had on my check list:

  • RESTful routing
  • PDO database access
  • MVC framework
  • PSR/4 compliant
  • Helpers and plugins

So I have extended it to do all the things I need. It allows you write simple code, add your own classes and plugins. If you want a fully fledged, all singing - all dancing PHP framework go take look at Laravel ( ...

Or, take a look at my version of PIP.

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